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Our Choices News & Updates

Save The Date – Kaffee und Kuchen

That's Coffee & Cake for folks who don't speak German. Once again Adelheid Osmers and her Amazing Crew are offering a tasty, delightful hour of treats on Mother's Day. Mark your calendar for the afternoon of Sunday, May 13, 2018. Details to come.

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Repairs Underway

This has been a long time coming . . . Choices is now undertaking some much needed repairs to our building. We have completed interior painting and have created two more bedrooms for clients as well as new space for the children's activities. The next big project...

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Choices Shenandoah Office

The Choices office in the Town of Shenandoah in southern Page County is OPEN! 208 Virginia Avenue Shenandoah VA 22849 (540) 218-4028 Regular office hours are Monday - Friday, 8-4. Our services are available 24/7. Great to call ahead if you can because it's a small...

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An Evening for Choices

Thanks to everyone who participated in this event! We are looking forward to planning another Evening for Choices in 2018. Be sure to check back as we finalize details. [gallery columns="5" link="file"...

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