Families and friends in one Valley town spent Mother’s Day helping hundreds of woman and children by bringing awareness to domestic and sexual abuse.

This was the third annual German Kaffe and Kuchen at the South Court Inn. This year, it was held to support Choices, an organization that fights domestic violence and sexual abuse in Page County.

Almost 100 people ate cake and coffee as a way to give back to a place that serves more than 500 women in Page County.

“This is an organization that is absolutely close to my heart because i just feel like if you sometimes are in a room, and you look left and you look right. probably somebody to your left has been hurting, probably somebody to your right has been hurting,” said Karen Riddle, a board member with Choices.

She says that the message of preventing abuse is an important one for everyone to hear.

Kafe and Kuchen was able to raise $1,700 for Choices.